Our Academy

The World Academy of Productivity Science is comprised of individuals (rather than organizations). Members of the Academy are individuals who support the aims of the Confederation and who wish to contribute to its work but crucially Fellows of the Academy are selected among eminent, internationally-recognized contributors to the field of productivity science. There is a maximum of 500 Fellows at any one time.

The objectives of the Academy are:

  • to contribute to the development of productivity science through trans-national studies, surveys, appraisals and through the establishment of working groups;
  • to act as a trans-national forum for discussions on policy and infrastructure development to support high productivity organizations;
  • to disseminate information and views on productivity science via lectures, meetings, symposia, conferences, position papers and publications;
  • to promote and administer honors and awards which encourage institutions and individuals to advance the aims of the World Academy of Productivity Science and the World Confederation of Productivity Science and which recognize that achievement;
  • to promote the establishment of university chairs, faculties and schools furthering productivity science;
  • to cooperate with other organizations which share similar objectives and purposes.