What is the International Journal of Productivity Science?

The International Journal of Productivity Science (IJPS) is a WAPS publication that focuses on SEE (Social, Environmental and Economic) Productivity. It is a platform for productivity researchers and practitioners to share their views and foster discussion.

Publication Schedule:

Our Inaugural Issue is scheduled for release in March 2022. We welcome you to submit your paper to us before the deadline on February 15, 2022.

More information for subsequent issues and paper submission deadlines will be posted here on our website accordingly. 

Guidelines for Authors:

  1. Paper submitted is required to be related to Productivity in any sector or area of operation (Social, Environmental, Economic).
  2. The Paper submitted should be in the English language.
  3. The paper should be original writing based on authentic events, data, case studies, facts, etc.
  4. Paper length should be between 2,500-3,000 words. The abstract should be between 250-300 words.
  5. The contents of the paper should be annotated.
  6. The author should give appropriate acknowledgment and references to recognize sources of information, data, etc.
  7. The manuscript should be in double space, typed in Times New Roman font, with font size 12, or Arial, font size 11, in MS Word file. 
  8. There should be a separate page for Title, Name of Author(s), Institutional Affiliation, email ID, etc.
  9. The author will be responsible for conforming to IPR requirements and regulations and disputes if any, arising out of the submitted paper will be his/her responsibility.
  10. Papers would be Peer Reviewed before acceptance for publication.
  11. Papers published in IJPS would be IPR of IJPS.
  12. All papers should be submitted to the President of WAPS: [email protected]