Our Network

A Network Partner is a designated member of the World Network of Productivity Organizations and hence of the World Confederation of Productivity Science.

A Network Partner will normally be an organization:

  • with a mission or brief to promote productivity improvement (in the widest sense, including quality of life and the quality of working life);
  • with an existing communication infrastructure capable of speedily distributing WCPS documents and messages around the membership of the organization, and preferably further afield within national boundaries;
  • of sufficient size and with sufficient influence and resources to be capable of acting as host for a World Productivity Congress, or other WCPS-sanctioned events.

A simple guide Improving National Productivity – A Guide to concentrating issues and initiatives within a National Productivity Organization.

Network Partners are designated by the President of WCPS on the recommendation of the Vice-President: WNPO and the Regional Coordinator. Each Network Partner will have a designated Primary Contact (for communication purposes) agreed between the Vice-president: WNPO and the Network Partner.

Network Partners pay no dues, subscriptions or other payments to the WCPS.

Network Partners are responsible for the promotion of WCPS-sanctioned events, and, in particular, World Productivity Congresses to their own membership and within their own national boundaries.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Network Partner of the WCPS, please visit the page Becoming a Network Partner.

Go to page Index of current Network Partners.

Go to Archiveof Network partners where you will find brief details of how each of our partners came to the confederation.