Who We Are

The WCPS is a true confederation: it was formed in 1969 (see History) and it brings together a set of independent organizations and individuals who share common aims. It has a minimal structure and relies on the work of members of the Confederation, and on volunteers for the pursuit of those aims.

The Board of Directors sets out broad strategy and is responsible for managing the World Productivity Congress, one of the major activities of the Confederation.

WCPS Structure 3

The Secretariat is a small team of administrative staff responsible for the support of the Confederation, and, in particular, the Board of Directors.

There are two primary Divisions of the Confederation :

The World Network of Productivity Organizations consists of the WCPS Network Partners and other affiliated bodies. Network Partners are organizations that share the aims of WCPS and have agreed to be a formal component of the confederation.

The Fellows of the World Academy of Productivity Science are individuals who have been recognized for their contribution to productivity science and to the work of the Confederation. Regional Coordinators act on behalf of the Academy in specific geographic regions.

The Confederation aims to be structurally and organizationally ‘light’ and to use the power of the network to influence, to persuade, to educate and to inform with the aim of promoting productivity science and productivity enhancement at a global level.

WCPS & SEE video

To understand a little more about us, please take a look at our brief (about 4 minutes) introductory video.

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