What about the Workers?

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Over the last few decades there has been steady and continual divergence between productivity growth and pay rises,    Analysis of historical data shows that productivity and compensation for ordinary workers grew in near lockstep from the end of World War II through the 1970s. Since then, however, productivity has grown nearly four times faster than

Your Monday morning task

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On Monday morning (or perhaps Sunday evening), ask yourself the following questions : What are the critical issues this week? What do I absolutely have to get done this week? What might come back to bite me if I don’t get it done this week? What does our strategic plan suggests are my priorities? Hopefully

How artificial, how intelligent?

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Some people praise the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Some are scared by it. Who is right? All of them. We know that all new technologies tend to be misused by unscrupulous and unprincipled actors. The nature of AI technology makes this potential very high. Yet, AI also does have great potential to assist us in

Small can be effective

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In a changing world, business leaders are looking for more training options that provide greater flexibility and variety. They are looking for a mix of formats and delivery options, with a preference for short courses.   industrial certifications, and vocational qualifications. dip-in, dip-out and online learning is seen as being most beneficial by time-poor, resource-constrained small businesses. If


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In many countries, governments are raising the retirement age to contain pension and welfare costs.   Today’s workers are going to have to work to a ripe, old age.  (Since, generally, people are healthier and fitter than they were 30 or 40 years ago, this is not necessarily a bad thing.) It does mean, however, that, increasingly, organisations

Digital Overload

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We have all experienced sensory overload due to the deluge of emails we receive.  This is even more so for those of us whose organisations have provided us with a range of helpful (?) productivity tools like Google Docs, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp and so on. These were often introduced during the pandemic to enable remote

In Retrospect

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A new trend is emerging of organisations organising review and retrospection meetings - perhaps every 2 weeks or so to allow employees (collectively) to review what they’ve done, what they’ve achieved, what went well and what didn’t.  The meeting is a safe space in which employees can speak freely and honestly, even critically.  It helps managers identify

Where is the growth engine?

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Lots of countries that expanded their productivity through the 1980s and 1990s have slowed to a crawl.  Their 'growth engines' seem to have disappeared or been dismantled.  COVID-19 may have been the final nail in the coffin (or the puncture in the tyre). Many of these companies are still trying to restart their engines -


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Getting people back to the office is proving difficult for many organisations. Employees have got used to the flexibility, and to the lack of commuting, associated with home working. Many organisations have saved money by allowing users to use their own technology and furniture  (saving the organisation the cost and trouble of providing and supporting it.) But this

Can I have some more, Sir?

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We all need more food.  The world population continues to grow.  At the same time, however, we devote less land to agriculture as we create mega cities and urban sprawl. The only solution is  increased agricultural productivity. However, an annual report from Virginia Tech University in the US shows agriculture is behind the pace of meeting the

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