Productivity is the key to unlimited success at all human levels

Date: 12th-15th October 1997

At the time, Scott Sink was President of WCPS, Jean Claude Lauzon was Chairman and Carl Thor was President of WAPS (elected at this Congress).

Santiago Declaration

We, the members of the World Confederation of Productivity Science and the World Academy of Productivity Science, meeting in the plenum at the Tenth World Productivity Congress in Santiago, Chile, believe and declare:

Productivity is the key to unlimited success at all human levels: individuals, family, organisation, nation and world.

Productivity improvement drives sustained economic growth, full employment, universal healthcare and education, and ultimately human freedom, dignity, equality, peace and prosperity.

Productivity improvement is driven by motivated and organised people who understand and locally apply principles of productivity, quality, human service and ethical behaviour and make balanced use of technology for human progress. The focus is in people.

The spread of productivity principles in the complex and changing world of the 21st Century will require the development and sustenance of multidisciplinary and multicultural networks of people extending beyond traditional boundaries but respecting cultural continuity and human independence.

Universal understanding and acceptance of productivity principles is our personal and professional goal.

People have the right to dream and to fulfil those dreams through freedom.