Productivity as the Driving Force in National and World Development

Date: 13th-16th April 1986

Organised in partnership with Department of Manpower, Republic of Indonesia and the National Productivity Council of Indonesia, At the time, James L. Riggs was President of WCPS and Martin T. Tveit was Deputy-President of WCPS.

The Jakarta Declaration

A statement unanimously approved on April 16, 1986, by delegates attending the 5th World Productivity Congress in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We who have participated in the 5th World Productivity in Jakarta, Indonesia, reaffirm the principle and goals of the Oslo Doctrine and understand that our personal commitment is required to nurture and implement the Oslo Productivity objectives.

We also believe that the importance of human resources to the productivity movement needs great emphasis since people constitute the driving force for national and world development.

Therefore, we dedicate our efforts to make everyone more concerned about productivity. All people should realise what productivity advances can do for them and what they can do to advance productivity.

Furthermore, we will seek ways and means of multiplying the results of productivity gains to achieve greater grains, including means to support expanded activities of the World Confederation of Productivity Science.

Since productivity advances directly benefit the creators, raising the quality of life for all, and eventually increasing the national prosperity, we declare our resolve to pursue these aims individually and collectively and be prepared to report all accomplishments at the 6th World Productivity Congress in 1988.