Some people praise the potential of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Some are scared by it.

Who is right?

All of them.

We know that all new technologies tend to be misused by unscrupulous and unprincipled actors. The nature of AI technology makes this potential very high.

Yet, AI also does have great potential to assist us in all sorts of ways.  Lots of us will find we have some form of ‘virtual assistant’ helping us to find information, analyse data, write reports, edit photos, compose music, find our way through masses of data and so on.  It can help to drive up productivity.

I recommend every one to try Chat-GPT and see what it can do …. just to become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of current software. Of course the software will improve – probably very quickly – but it will always be artificial intelligence.

Is AI a match for real intelligence?  Only time will tell.  However the scammers and fraudsters will soon prove that it is more than a match for real ignorance and complacency.  Be aware. Take an interest.  Keep an open mind on the effectiveness of AI. But watch out for signs that things are not going as you expect; that what you see is not real – it has been created to try and  fool, misguide or cheat you.