One by one the BRIC countries seem to be losing their lustre.  Most of them are growing at a considerably slower rate than they were a few years ago … some are really struggling.

Is this merely the result of the world recession taking away their markets .. or is there something more fundamentally wrong.

We know that many businesses fail because they grow too quickly .. and run out of working  capital.  Are we seeing a business failure on a grand scale… or will BRIC Inc. recover?

My personal observations from my travels is that China has used its largesse to beef up its infrastructure, wisely investing the fruits of its success. India has not.  Russia has been sidetracked by internal political in-fighting.  Brazil has failed to return rewards to its population.

The BRIC economies are all quite different.  They were only grouped because they were doing well at the same time… but they all have different lessons to learn … as do we all!