Teams are sometimes more productive than the sum of their parts – because the ‘chemistry’ among the team is ‘right’.

We’ve all seen such ‘chemistry’ at work – in working teams and in personal relationships.

But is it a lucky accident – or can we create it?

Team building is not about taking teams on outward-bound, adventure experiences …. or getting them together to discuss emotional issues.

It is about putting the right people together in the first place – understanding their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, sensibilities, and so on.  And about making sure they have the skills, the resources, the time and the support they need for the task in hand…. and making sure they share the overall vision for the outcomes of the task.

We build a team by understanding the task, understanding individuals … and then taking the time to think about ways in which different individuals will fit with each other – or can be made to fit with each other.

Its not rocket science – but it certainly isn’t a ‘given’ either.