This year, June 20th was World Productivity Day.

I only found out about this at the beginning of July.  It had already passed me by – with no impact on me, or, I suspect the rest of the world.

Those who think about productivity on World Productivity day will only be successful if they also think about productivity on most other days of the year and build it into their regular thinking – and regular activity.

It cannot be a special event type of thing.  Oh, it’s June – let’s think about our productivity.

So, if you did recognise, even celebrate, World Productivity Day, take the chance to start that embedding process.  Use the day as ‘the first day of your productivity life’. 

Learn, Plan, Execute, Repeat.

Make sure everyone else in the organisation is also thinking productivity – as individuals and as members of teams. 

Communicate, Train, Mentor.

No-one is going to do it for you. It’s up to you.