Many of us have computers at home. We may use them for work-rerated tasks (especially now more of us spend at least some working time at home) or for social/leisure purposes.

We tend to use a small set of applications on a regular basis – a word processor, a spreadsheet app, email, messaging, task management, a calendar, and so on.

We end up with lots of files on our computer (and perhaps additionally in  ‘the cloud’).

Finding those files when we need them can sometimes be tricky – but finding all the files we need for further work on a complex project can be particularly tricky.

The obvious solution – though one that many people do not practise – is, rather than allowing applications to store folders in their default folder – to create folders relating to a particular task, topic or project.  This takes a little effort at the time  but saves so much time subsequently.  You can , if you wish, use sub-folders to separate files of different types or different sub-topics.

An alternative, if your computer supports it, is to ‘tag’ files with the name of the task, topic or project.

You can then identify and recall all files for your further work on, or updating of, a project.

i am sorry if many of you have found this tip too simple and obvious but I asm sure some readers will have found it useful.  I don’t think I should ever really apologise for simplicity.