Many people – and especially pundits – are predicting significant productivity gains from the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

However few will say exactly how this transformation will happen.

My view is that gains will come in all sorts of places that we do not yet know about – as adopters realise just what AI can do.

But here isa  little teaser.   We know (or at least I do – but I’m sure you do too) that productivity is enhanced by the skills of the workforce – the more their skills are developed, the more they are likely to contribute to increased productivity.

At the moment firms often use an appraisal process to identify training needs but imagine how AI could be used to identify those needs and then identify solutions to meeting those needs..

AI should be very good at deriving personalised pathways through complex and varied learning resources and opportunities.

I suspect many of the gains of AI might be around similarly indirect activities, so managers need to think outside the box to identify these bob-core application areas.