Those of you who read last week’s post will know I was in the USA on vacation.  I am now back in the UK and can reflect on the political differences.

The USA was preparing for the mid-term elections and there was continual political advertising on the TV – most of which was completely negative, attacking opponents rather than offering positive suggestions and solutions to America’s ills.

The UK seems much more policy based – and far less confrontational (though it does have its moments).  But there is far too much discussion and pontification about Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union).

Neither set of politicians seems focused to any degree on productivity – yet that is the only issue that is likely to increase the wealth and well-being of their citizens.  The only concern of most politicians seems to be their own re-election … policy and principles come much further down the list of priorities.

How do we convince them to take productivity seriously? Do we need to turn it into a contentious issue they can debate and even argue about – and be confrontational with their ‘enemies’?


The problem is if we take that approach, while we do that, their real (economic) enemies are improving their productivity and winning the economic war.  We need focus now!