Many business leaders think technology can give them a productivity boost.  

They may well be right.  Addressed properly, changes in technology can transform processes and make them more efficient.

However,. the gains are  not easy to unlock – and they certainly take time.

There may even be a temporary drop in productivity while new technology or a new software system is being implemented.

Often firms under prepare for, or under-resource, the changeover.  They fail to ensure they have customised the technology or system to their specific needs. Then they fail to adequately monitor the changing situation, making sure they are aware of what is working properly and what is not, what parts of the organisation need help during thew changeover process, what needs to be redone, and so on.

Managers have four simple tasks to carry out: Organising, Planning, Monitoring and Controlling..  Managers must take the time to get all of these right.

This might delay benefits for a little time – but those benefits will come if the project is properly managed.

As the heading to this post says …. Be patient  But while being patient, Manage Well!