Teamwork is essential in any organisation. Each team must have clear goals and targets and must be capable of working collaboratively to achieve them.

Until a couple of years ago,. team building and team development followed well-established patterns based on a thorough understanding  of team building and associated problems.

Then pandemic and the move to working from home changed much of this established thinking.  It is not clear how remote, technology-based teams develop, and whether their development needs are the same as physically co-located teams.

We need more research sand a better understanding before we can be sure of how best to change our team development practises.

In the meantime, don’t simply assume that current practises will work.  They might. … but they might not.

Certainly the need for clear goals and targets is likely to remain.    The measurement of performance and contribution to those goals and targets may change but if this helps us develop measures that are more suitable for outputs and achievements rather than inputs, so much the better.