Regular readers will know i have just been in Mauritius helping to promote their national productivity campaign.

I talked to lots of stakeholders – employers, trades unions, educators, government agencies and even senior figures in the =government. Quite often I met good will … and a realisation that productivity is important to the future prosperity of Mauritius.

However, there did not seem to be a ‘collective will’ … there were not enough strong partnerships and networks of groups involved in promoting and developing productivity.  Of course, you say, that is why they have a productivity campaign.

You are right of course.  But they need to build on awareness raised by creating the structures and the partnerships that can start to discuss and debate the key issues … and so they can build a consensus … and a shared (vision for the) future.

At least Mauritius is trying … many other nations have not yet even realised how important productivity development is to the future wealth and well-being of their citizens.