I’m in Mauritius – working!

This is a beautiful place, of course.  But when we look at such island paradises, we sometimes forget they too have to build an economy to look after their citizens.  Of course, tourism is a major focus of economic activity but it isn’t enough.  They need other sectors to be productive and contribute to the economy.  This means they also need the infrastructure and support services that other nations have to ensure high productivity.

But, of course, Mauritius is small. Building a full transport and telecommunications infrastructure is a heavy capital expense.  But bit has to be done.  What small countries need to sustain them through the pains ands trials of difficult economic times is a vision – a shared vision that all key stakeholders have signed up to … to ensure momentum keeps the plan going through the difficult times.

I am  trying to help Mauritius build this shared vision of a highly productive nation – working with the excellent staff of the National Productivity & Competitiveness Council.  My discussions here on this my second visit give me confidence for the future … but I know there will be plenty of slips along the way to a brighter future.  It is the vision that will keep the plans on track – and the collective efforts of lots of people who share, and believe in, that vision.

I am hoping that in subsequent visits, I see the seeds we have planted starting to sprout and grow … and that Mauritius has a future as bright as its sunshine.