‘Bring Your Own Device’ is the term given to the situation where companies allow staff to take in their own smartphone or tablet and have it connected to company networks and data sources.

What does this do for productivity?

Well, I dont think we have enough evidence yet to suggest this is a help or a hindrance.

Clearly there is quite a bit of work to do by the IT department to ensure all devices (or at least all major operaring systems) can work .. and that security can be maintained. However, much of that work overlaps with the work they would have to do to provide security on ‘company-owned’ devices.

For staff, it means they get to stick with a device – and a user interface – with which they are familiar…. but possibly means they get little training or support from the company.

Perhaps the question about productivity is not one we should be asking … the situation exists … it seems that staff do want to use their own devices … let’s just work out the best and safest way in which we can meet their needs.