You should always keep your business life separate from your personal and social life.  True?

On first reading, or first thought, it seems to make sense.

However, think of all the times you have:

  • Been bowling with the team
  • Had a business lunch
  • Held an after-hours birthday celebration
  • Played golf with a business contact.

Were these all a complete waste of time?   I hope not.

Using social events to boost team morale or celebrate a successful project is rarely a waste of time. Recognising achievements is a necessary function of an effective manager.  It helps staff know what is going on, know they are valued and even learn of challenges ahead.

Similarly, making or maintaining contact with clients, customer and even competitors is rarely a waste of time.   It helps determine the shared interests, concerns snd priorities of key stakeholders.

Many of these networking opportunities have fallen by the wayside in the post-pandemic, work-from-home world.

So, as you encourage staff back into the office, try to ensure that historic, useful networks and networking opportunities are re-established.