Young children take some time to accept that delayed gratification can sometimes  be an improvement on instant.  For example, waiting for a treat can make that treat better – the period of anticipation can heighten the pleasure.  Children also learn that saving small amounts of money to build funds fort a bigger purchase increases the choices available.

Some businesses and businessmen never seem to learn this lesson.  They always aim for short term profit rather than realising that investing gains can significantly increase longer-term gains.

Strategy is a device for imposing a longer-term view.  The vision must be longer-term and will consist of shorter-term projects and activities that move the organisation towards this longer-term vision.

Of course, all stakeholders have to accept this need for a longer-term view … so sometimes it is necessary to ‘sell’ the vision, and hence the strategy.

The gratification (and results) can be more intense if you wait, however.

Ask a growing child.