If your organisation expects you to be ‘always on’, always working, always available by telephone or email, they are exhibiting signs of ‘toxic productivity’.  I hate that term for all sorts of reasons but mainly because it has nothing to do with productivity.

People who work 24 x 7 (or think they do) are unlikely to be very productive, especially in the longer-term. One can be highly directed and productive for a day or two – perhaps even for a week.  If you persist, however, your physical and mental health will suffer.  You will work harder and harder but not have effective outcomes – this is not being productive.

So, schedule relaxation into your working day. : take time out every day to relax and recover.  Listen to some music, write a journal, do some painting, play the guitar, learn French – or just do nothing.

In the middle of productive activity, take a few seconds to breathe deeply, relax your mind, practice some mindfulness.

Think about how important work is in your life – and how important other parts of your life are. Set limits on how much each part of your life impinges on those other important elements.

Your organisation may help with this balance – but many do not. You must! Not only will you be healthier, your productivity will improve,.