Of course it does!

However, concentrating on squeeing every last drop of productive output from each day and multi-tasking to get more done can lead to burnout, to stress and anxiety and to a drop in performance.

If this sounds like your existence, then think about what it represents. 

Time is managing you, rather than you managing your time.

Almost certainly, you and/or your loved ones, will be complaining about your poor work-life balance.

You have to regain control over your schedule – by better prioritisation, better delegation, better planning, making sure you have fewer distractions, taking proper breaks – all the usual time management practices.

Time does matter.  So, control it.  Make control of your own schedule your very own superpower, rather than your arch-enemy.  Your family will thank you for it – and you will feel much better for it. Almost certainly, you will also be more productive – so your organisation will also thank you for it!