Does your organisation practise 5S?

The answer Is probably ‘No’.  It is a much misunderstood and little used approach., regarded by many as ‘mere housekeeping’. It is, of course, housekeeping but absolutely not ‘mere’ housekeeping.

It improves engagement, productivity and safety … who doesn’t want to do that?

As an example, think of your home desk. If you clear away the clutter you don’t need on a daily basis, get rid of cables (by routing them properly and using cable clips or ties), organise your computer and peripherals, use the stationery trays you always meant to get, place things like the stapler, scissors and hole punch somewhere close but out if the way, etc. then you should notice a change in your attitude to the desk.

It becomes a place for ‘work’ with fewer distractions, fewer delays, fewer frustrations.

If you maintain that new tidy workspace, your productivity should improve.

Now imagine doing that to a whole workplace!