Many people seem to be suffering from burnout.  They feel the organisation asks too much of them, that they are never completely off-duty.

An organisation might respond with consideration by reigning back on some of the pressures, some of the ‘asks’.

The problem is that then the  employee think they are not achieving, not fully involved snd they start to lose interest.  They now suffer from ‘bored-out’.  

Employees react best and perform better when they feel they have a real purpose, when they understand how their role and their work contribute to the organisation’s goals and mission. They can feel pressure from ‘stretch goals’ but achieving them gives them a real high, a great sense of achievement. Even failure to reach a stretch goal can give greater satisfaction than easily achieving a goal that doesn’t stretch..

So, be careful how you address what looks like burnout.  Don’t change it into bored-out. Review goals and targets for individuals and teams and make sure employees know their role and their performance is vital and valued.