There is increasing evidence that high performonce and productivity comes from workers who are engaged with the organisation …. aware of, and preferably sharing, its value set; aware of, and preferably invested in, its longer-term mission.

Engaged individuals are much more likely to contribute to formal and informal innovation processes, much more likely to be members of strong teams, much more likely to be error free.

This means that executives and managers must exhibit leadership practises that increase and support employee engagement – ensuring that employees themselves exhibit qualities of optimism, resilience, self-development, and flexibility.

Importantly, research is emerging which suggests that these effects are maintained over time – as long as employees continue to ne engaged, they continue to perform well.

You might think that this sounds trite and obvious ….but, if so, presumably you are doing all you can to increase and maintain employee engagement.  If not,, you have an under-performing team or organisation.