Many people are not at their most productive on Friday afternoons. They procrastinate, prolong and prevaricate – picking issues up on Monday when they are (hopefully) refreshed and revitalised.

So, why not use this fact to your advantage.

Give your staff Friday freedom. Not the freedom to take time off – but the freedom to be non-productive: the freedom to ‘play’, explore, investigate.

Get them to investigate:

  • What is happening to the market, to technology, to competitors, to suppliers, to society or subsets of it?
  • How can your company exploit any of these changes?

They will learn stuff to your advantage – and to theirs.  They will become better informed, better skilled employees – and almost certainly more engaged, more loyal, more satisfied employees.

You might lose a little in the short term but gain a lot in the longer term.

Of course this doesn’t work for all types of employee/role so you have to choose who you give such freedom to.  And to be ‘fair’ (ands be seen to be fair), you may have to select other freedoms to give to other employees.

But freedom is a valuable commodity – use it to create value for your organisation.