Since publication date of this blog is right at the end of the year, I simply want to wish everyone a productive new year. During the holidays, I am sure you have been reflecting on your goals for 2023 and how you may achieve them.  Without goals you simply cannot be successful. With goals , but no plan to achieve them, you will be frustrated.

Success doesn’t just happen – even with dedication and hard work. Your parents were wrong.  Your work has to be in the right direction, moving you (sometimes very slowly) towards your goals.  Each action you take should be part of your master plan.

Of course you need some luck -but people tend to make their own luck by recognising and exploiting opportunities as they arise.

You might need to take a risk or two  – but if your goal is important enough, it should be worth it.  However, take only controlled risks – where you have assessed the potential consequences and thought about mitigation if things do go wrong.  You will become safer and more resilient.

Recognise those who can help you – snd those who cannot or will not. Engage with the former.

2023 could be your best year yet.  Try and make it so. I wish you well.