Each year we say to friends, family and colleagues, “Happy New Year” – either as the 1st January rolls around or the first time we see them in the new year.

What we are saying is “Good luck”, merely wishing them that fate serves them kindly during the year.  Neither we, nor they, have any control over that fate.  It is therefore rather meaningless.

What I am saying to you is “Find a way to move the needle of fate in your direction.”  

Make a list of your bad habits or your desired good habits’

Read that list every day until you know it by heart

Adjust your patterns of behaviour to match the changed habits you have listed

Review your behaviours at the end of the day to ensure you have behaved as you said you wanted to. 

After a week, ask yourself “How do I fewl about myself?”  If you feel proud, keep going for another week.  

After a few weeks, it  should all become second nature. 

You are now much more likely to have a Happy New Year.