Over the last several decades, especially since the second world war, we have been encouraged, and exhorted, to be more productive – to meet ever-stretching targets.  And we have done it. Productivity figures over these years have been quite good.

But what happened to those gains?

In most of the Western world, there has been a rise in the number of millionaires, and more lately billionaires.Some people have done very well out of the productivity boom. At the same time, then lower levels of society have endured at best only modest gains, often accompanied by worsening social conditions.

I, not surprisingly, subscribe to to the World Confederation of Productivity Science’s view that over the longer-term productivity must create social, economic, and environmental good – and if it does it helps create the infrastructure for world peace.

If we look at today’s world, the unequal distribution of productivity gains has done exactly the opposite – large numbers of people are dissatisfied with their lot and division and hate has been created.

Wake up, world! Share the gains of productivity improvement and we will be more willing to help your pursuit of further gains.