Lots of US sports articles talk about productivity of a team, or a quarterback or other star player. Of course, they don’t understand the meaning of ‘productivity’. What they are talking about is ‘performance’.

The  two are linked but they are not synonymous. Productivity is a ratio of output to input whereas performance relates to output only.

Does it matter if sports reporters use the wrong term?

Well, in the greater scheme of things, not really.


If the readers of such articles get to understand productivity as a measure of output and then see articles talking about national productivity they might make judgements on what they read based on their false concept. This could even influence their political thinking and then their voting pattern.

So, that sports writer could be responsible for  a change of mayor, senator or, even,  president.

Perhaps we should encourage US sports writers to understand productivity and write accordingly.

Perhaps, also, we should encourage all citizens to understand productivity and act accordingly.   

After all, it is productivity that’s determines their future wealth and well-being.