I am travelling today from the UK to Bahrain for the World Productivity Congress.

I do not expect world-shattering insights … but I do expect to think  and act a little differently from next week after the presentations and discussions.

When I stop learning – and being able to use that learning to think and act differently – I will really be ‘old’ and I might as well give up.

Life is a journey through experience.  Real journeys – especially to different cultures – add massively to those experiences.  I consider myself lucky to have travelled extensively around the globe.  But I consider myself sensible to have approached that travel with an open mind, to have observed, listened and reflected and built my own ‘world view’.

Those of you who are joining me in Bahrain for the Congress, please stop me and say ‘Hello’.  Those who cannot  .. let’s hope there is another opportunity for our journeys to cross.