Sugar gives you an ‘energy rush’ – very useful when you have a demanding task to perform.  That is why we like sugary snacks throughout the day when we’re at work or taking physical exercise. The problem is that these short term fixes do not do us any long-term good; in fact, quite the opposite. We can end up overweight, with health problems such as diabetes and certainly unfit.

What we need is a long-term plan for our diet and our body which gives us the energy we need when we need it but leaves us fit and healthy over the longer term.

This mirrors some approaches to improving productivity. Some organisations use the ‘quick fix’- cost cutting and labour layoffs. But this can take knowledge and skill out of the business and does little to create longer-term good. A better approach is to concentrate on those measures that create added value for customers and improve the longer-term health of the business.

I know that I have presented this as ‘black and white’ and that sometimes immediate cost-cutting is needed to ensure short-term survival. However, the principle still applies. A long term view supporting a long term vision is a better way to secure the future health of the business.