We are about to enter a New Year.  Many people at this time make resolutions (personal promises) to change some aspect of their behaviour – like giving up drinking alcohol, going on a diet, managing their temper better, or whatever.

I suggest that instead of concentrating on the personal, you go external and think about the behaviours you can change in those around you.

Though the focus becomes external, almost certainly the only way you can change the behaviours of those around you is to modify your own behaviour first.  This teaches an important lesson about building, developing and improving interpersonal relationships. How people treat you and deal with you depends on how you treat them and deal with them.  The most important thing you can do is to listen – actively listen – to what they are telling you … and add vision, to see what their body language is adding to what they say.

Active listening is an important but under-used skill. It needs practice.

Start on January 1st and you might have it mastered in a short time. You will then understand and respond more effectively.  If you do, you will be a better manager, leader and productivity improver.

That must be worth a try – and a little effort.

Good luck!