If you hate Monday mornings, you are probably in the wrong job … but so many of you, I know, cannot simply change your job at this time.

Perhaps one reason so many people hate Mondays is that they have to move from the freedom of being able to choose what to do to a situation where their day is mapped out for them.

Some people in senior jobs have the luxury of mapping out their own working days – though they are, of course, guided by priorities, emergencies and so on.

The rest of us do what we are told.  But perhaps there is something we can do.

We can think about our week and decide not what we are going to do, but what we are going to think about while doing the tasks set out for us (assuming our job does not preclude thought).

We can plan our next holiday.

We can try to write a song.

We can plan a blog post.

We can think about an apology to someone we’ve offended.

Give  yourself a bit of freedom – and plan/create something connected with one of your interests or current problems.

Mondays might then seem quite different.  You will probably find the work easier too and you might be significantly more productive.