In the past, you measured how hard people were working by such things as noting who was at their desk or who spoke up in meetings, and who had extended breaks or too many days off sick.

In these days of remote and hybrid working, you’ll have to find a new way. Those simple observations are  no longer possible;.

They were not effective measures anyway. Highly productive employees probably spend less time completing their tasks than sub-standard workers.

We need to measure achievements and accomplishments rather than hours worked.

This means we have to have clear objectives and targets and measure completion or progress towards them.

Make sure employees know what is expected of them this week or month.and let them know whether this is what you got from them.

Work should be a series of journeys where employees know their destination of each, and know when they’ve reached it, not a relentless hamster wheel of repetition with no end in sight.

Managers need to know their staff, their strengths and weaknesses. their level of motivation and commitment and the level of monitoring and intervention necessary.  This could be regarded as Management 2.0 but is just Management 1.0 done properly.