There is plenty of advice on how to start your working day – by establishing priorities, by reviewing your To Do list and so on . However, the other end of the day can be just as important.

I find a quiet period of reflection can help clear the mind and prepare for a proper night’s rest.

Think about what went well, what didn’t and why? What could you have done better?  What should you have done differently?  How will this affect what you do tomorrow and how you do it?

It might help to start a daily journal and record these thoughts so you can re-read them later.

If nothing else, you should have clarity about your performance – good and bad.  Don’t worry if you feel you have too many ‘bad’ entries.  The aim is not to berate yourself but to improve.

This is better for your self-development than reading ‘inspiring quotes’.  This is real-world experience and learning.