Can a personal productivity guru help you reach new productivity heights?

Many of  us look to new tools and rtechndquwes, new technologies ologies, new approaches to stimulate our thinking about how to get more done in the same time.

These new ‘things’ seem to work for a time and then run out of steam … but, in reality, of course, it is us who run out of steam. 

Its like our New Year resolutions and our new fitness programme.  The excitement of a new initiative will keep us motivated for a few sessions but then it gets repetitive and the excitement wanes. We move on to the the next exciting initiative. 

A personal trainer can make a big difference. They can cajole and  motivate us, as well as improving technique and helping us do the right things.

Well, a productivity coach can do the dame things – to improve our productivity.  In the world of Lean Six  Sigma, a Black Belt can perform this function – maintaining a central focus on longer-term productivity improvement.

If we safer not a Lease /Six  Sigma organisation, we still might need someone to help the organisation maintain this productivity focus – someone in the senior team who can direct efforts continually towards productivity improvement.  They should pay for themselves many times over.

Can you afford not to have such a person?