I talked last week about employability skills. During the past week I have delivered a pilot program with Indian students developing employability skills using productivity as the ‘engine’ or focus. The students really enjoyed the program – in India they rarely get asked to ‘do’ something – and within a week had been in a factory and conducted an initial observation/analysis to identify the project they would do (as a team) over the next 3 weeks.  They will then carry out the project and produce a report which will go to the owner of the business and also be used as the basis of their assessment.

It has been fantastic to see the way they have responded to learning a new set of skills … they have worked until 10 at night (voluntarily) …. and surmounted all challenges.

Just think how much talent has been wasted by not giving these people and all their peers the skills they need to make a positive contribution to the organisations in which they work.