Recruitment is perhaps the most important function you ever undertake

If you don’t recruit talented, skilled, flexible staff, you can’t expect your staff to exhibit talent, skill and flexibility.

But you also have to create an organisation in which that talent, skills and flexibility can thrive and grow.

You have to impose your will ,your way of thinking, your values … but leave ‘room’ for your staff to demonstrate their own values, their own commitment, their own drive.

Then, think about what you are trying to achieve, communicate this strongly (and often) to  the team, set them goals and targets – and hold them accountable for their performance in achieving those goals and targets.

Your job is to identify barriers to high performance – and remove them; to engage and motivate the staff, to reward good performance – and deal appropriately with underperformance. Not forgetting the importance of recruiting the right staff in the first place, of course.

All of this is not easy … but it is necessary.