Remote working has been necessary during the pandemic – the alternative for many was no working.    

Many organisations have adjusted to the need for remote technologies and remote communication.

Have they, though, adjusted to the need for remote team building?

Some of the tools and techniques of team bonding and team building work remotely.  Others do not. 

Organisations should think carefully about the makeup of their teams, and the degree to which teams have established themselves as effective and productive teams before they are forced to work remotely.  Those who are already established may make the transition easily and successfully …. but it might depend on the nature of the work and the degree to which it requires mutual confidence and trust.

You might consider ice-breaker games (for new teams), team quizzes and puzzles, virtual scavenger hunts, reward ceremonies  and so on – anything which improves communication,. engagement, morale and well- being.

It is ineffective to simply assume teams will bond and be productive; you have to create cohesion and cooperation.  Teams are vital cogs in your organisational machinery – and just like your machinery  and equipment, regular maintenance is essential.