It is obvious that good soccer coaches or mangers earn the respect of their players and create a ‘playing system’ and an environment (or culture) in which players want to perform for their colleagues, club and coach.

Poor managers do exactly the opposite of these things.  They lack the respect of players (known as ‘losing the dressing room’) and fail to creature that supportive culture.

Players in an unsupportive culture have more (and longer-lasting) injuries and (intentionally or not) tend to lose form and fail to  be competitive.

So, take an interest.  Watch how managers/coaches react to wins or defeats, how they respond to questions or comments by TV pundits, how they handle out-of-form players and so on.  Then note the upturn or downturn in performance or results – and try to work out what works with a soccer team. 

Think about how as shifts to less management and more coaching might help you crest a supportive environment and culture.

You should then be able to work out what might work with your work team, leading to higher performance snd productivity.