If you start your online meetings by simply asking a question such as..”You’ve all seen the plan. Any comments?”, your team members will probably look away from their cameras down at their desks (or kitchen tables.).  The energy drains from the meeting before it has really started.  

Team members do not know what is being asked of them. Are they supposed to comment from the perspective of their own role or department?

You need to give them a firmer prompt – a more directed question. Something more like “Can each of you tell me how ready your department is to deliver your part of the plan?”

Even successful individuals and teams are more successful when they receive a clear invitation to contribute snd a clear steer as to what that contribution should look like.

The ideal prompt meets three criteria: it gets people oriented or reoriented to the task and relevant context; it helps them add something new to their thinking; and, if possible, it sparks some passion and pride in the outcome.

Use successful prompts to shorten meetings but make them more successful.