Occasionally we see an organisation that has pulled itself back from the brink of extinction.  There are two main routes to such survival – one is to find a different product/service (product innovation) ; the other is to drastically change how you do things, reducing time/costs of production/delivery (process innovation).

(Doing different things and doing things differently are always the main productivity drivers, with the former often giving greater immediate gains but the latter proving  effective over longer time periods.)

Organisations who are not at crisis point often think about undertaking a review and making changes – but then carry on as they always have.

Good intentions have little effect on productivity; action its essential.

So, try to put yourself in to a ‘wartime mindset’.  What are the real threats facing the organisation?  Then  from asking “What could we do?”, take some decisions and move fairly swiftly to “What should we do?”. to avoid/mitigate any threats. 

Then (in Nike’s words), Just Do It (breaking down all barriers along the way). 

No prevarication; no procrastination = just action.