Major technological change does boost productivity. Think of the really big developments – the wheel, the steam engine, the computer, the Internet, the robot. Though it takes time, such technologies have transformed industry and  human life in general.  Sometimes, of course ,the developments are on a smaller scale or more niche in terms of applicability – but important drivers of productivity no less.  

So what are the new technologies that are transforming or will transform industrial and commercial processes.

Well, drones are proving very useful in surveying both small and large physical areas – and objects.  Using a drone to scan an aircraft’s fuselage for signs of wear is much quicker than building the scaffolding for humans to do a close-up physical inspection. Artificial and mixed reality headsets could revolutionise skills training and development – and assessment.

The ‘trick’ is to keep your eye on technological development and regularly assess whether it does, or could, apply to your business, your products, your processes.  Scanning the technology horizon should involve looking at new and emerging technologies – not just obviously relevant technologies but seemingly irrelevant technologies that can be made relevant by the way in which they are applied.

Why wouldn’t you look at what might be a helping hand to improved productivity?