For some people, art plays an important part in their lives. I’m not talking about ‘the arts’ – if I was, that first statement would probable apply to just about everybody – but to the visual arts.

What about art in business?

Well, art can obviously transform a working environment but it can also stimulate, excite and inspire staff – and, of course, it makes a statement about the organisation and its leadership.

Displays of creativity can inspire workers to unleash their own inner creativity, improving approaches to innovation. And how about having a ‘drawing wall’ where workers can add their own creative touches to the environment?

And if your office receives lots of visitors – especially customers and potential customers – works of art send them a message about you and your breadth of vision; your commitment to things others than profit.

I’m not saying that investing in art can transform your productivity  but I am saying that investing in art can change the way in which your staff, and your customers, think about you and the organisation.