When we carry out future -gazing or horizon scanning, we can often see likely large-scale changes ahead. For example, self-driving vehicles are coming. We are not sure when but they are coming. What does this mean for those who currently have driving jobs?

Well, many of them will simply lose their jobs. However, take parcel delivery. Someone has to load the van – though not necessarily the ‘driver’. Someone has to carry the parcel to the customer. So the van probably needs some attendant – though this job might be lower-skilled and lower-paid then ‘driver’.

Take school bus drivers. It is unlikely that buses will carry groups of school kids without some form of adult supervision. So, a security guard or supervisor is needed,

In all future scenarios, the implications of a technological change have to be thought through; the societal and cultural implications must be considered. Change of any magnitude is rarely simple or obvious.

Don’t just think about the future. Consider it with some thought. It will affect how you act in response to the change and the degree to which you will be successful in addressing it.