What is the most important thing to be done in a business?

Is it creating the vision?

Is it setting strategy?

Is it managing people?

Is it building a supply chain?

Well, all of these are important – but perhaps the biggest single thing to be done is to build relationships – with all stakeholders – other managers, investors, employees, customers, and people in the local communities affected by the organisation’s activities. All of these have an interest in what the company does – and how it does it; some have the ability to influence the outcomes.  We need to share information with them, understand their concerns, recognise the contributions they have to make and listen to them when making decisions – especially those decisions that affect them.  We should treat them as a valuable resource – able to improve the decisions we take and increase our chances of success. We need to recognise when conflict may occur – and take steps to avoid or minimise it.  If we build positive relationships, we do indeed maximise the chances of success – and we build trust and confidence.

If you are unsure of the quality of the relationships you have with your stakeholders, or not confident in your ability to build positive relationships, then you owe it to yourself – and your business – to seek out support, training or other forms of help that can transform your ability to build those positive snd supportive relationships.

It might be the most important thing you ever do!