We have all been in situations where we have received efficient, friendly service from someone with a smile.  Efficient AND friendly service is so much more effective at creating customer well-being and customer loyalty than merely efficient service.

We remember it.  We value it. We react to it.

It must be more than ‘smile training’ or the muttering of phrases such as ‘Have a Nice Day’. It should be genuine pleasure from someone who knows their role, knows how to interact with people – and is aware of the effect their attitude can have on customers.

Some of this can be trained – but some of it depends on hiring those who already have the right attitude, keeping those people informed and engaged – and rewarding the behaviours that delight your customers.

Of course, friendly service cannot make up for inefficient or poor service.  Efficient service is the bedrock on which friendly service can be built.

It is not rocket science but it is not common to receive such service.

Think about it.  A smile might be your secret weapon to improve customer service and improve productivity.