We have been told a few times that what creates success is sheer hard work… the perspiration not the inspiration, and the 10,000 hours.  But many great men (and women) have achieved their greatness by original thought  by avoiding the 10,000 (wasted)  hours.

it seems that both routes might take you to success – and it perhaps depends on the kind of person you are as to what is right for you.

But what about a company.  They can’t ‘plod on’ for 10,000 hours and expect an insight – or the achievement of some kind of superskill.

So, whoever runs the company has to have the insight – about a new product, a changed process, a new way of doing business – to transform the business.

If you are not thinking about how to transform and revolutionise your business –  wha are you doing?  How are you earning your keep?